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    It’s been 2 months since I got in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is an amazing city, which is one of the best kept secrets in the world. I’m sure once you come here you will love here. In my eyes, there are at least five key aspects of this special place, namely location, weather, culture, entertainment and food.

    Halifax is close to the USA, it only takes 2 hours from Halifax to New York. Actually Halifax lies on a gorgeous, spectacular island at the end of the East coast of Canada. It is surrounded by the blue waves of the Atlantic Ocean, which means there are lots of beautiful beaches close by. There is some convenient transportation, such as the International Airport, trains and so on; traveling costs can be kept to a minimum.

    Next, I will talk about the weather. The air of Halifax is so clean and fresh. Because I come here at fall, so I only feel the fall and the early winter, but my friends told me that the summer has to be experienced on one of the beautiful beaches in the fabulous sunshine, the incredible view of the ocean, and the gentle wind with its ripples on the water. However, fall is equally special with the colorful foliage ranging from light yellow to deep red. During the winter time, you could choose some activities, such as skiing, skating, and ice hockey, which are enjoyed by Nova Scotia also.

    Nowadays, Canada has the policy to encourage immigration, many cultures mix with the original customs to form the Canadian culture. The same is true for Halifax. In my class, there are Japanese, Korean, Saudi Arabian, etc. If you study here, you will face different culture and custom, which would be a special experience for you.

    Another element is entertainment. There are two main shopping centers here, Micmac Mall and the Halifax Shopping Center, they offer many famous name brands such as MAC, Dior, Gap and so on. Every year, during a particular time, Halifax will hold several large concerts beside the sea; many famous musicians will come here to give shows. Furthermore, the pub culture is marvelous in Halifax, giving the patrons a chance to play pool and cheer for a match together. Sometimes, food and drinks are free.

    At last, food is great here. You can find whatever you like, for example, Sichuan food, Japanese sushi, North American hamburgers and many kinds of deserts. Besides, as you know, Halifax borders the ocean. This means, if you want to eat fresh seafood, it probably was caught that day. Especially lobster. Last week, our university has organized some students to go to eat the Lobster Dinner, a true fishermen’s daughter showed students how to eat lobster by Nova Scotia style. In addition, if you want to drink some coffee, you could buy a cup in Tim Hortons, which are the best famous drinks in Halifax. It is cheaper than other coffee and tastes very good. Many people crave for it everyday.

    In a word, Halifax is really a fascinating city with lots of opportunities to have a nice time, explore variety of places, learn about new customs, and generally enjoy life.



    哈利法克斯市紧邻美国,距纽约仅2小时路程,位处加拿大东海岸一座迷人而壮观的小岛上。大西洋蔚蓝的海水拍打着海岸,形成了众多美丽的海滩。小岛交通便利,拥有国际机场,铁路 四通八达,等等。因此,交通费用较低。



    其他一个方面就是娱乐。这里有两个主要的购物中心——Micmac摩尔百货和哈利法克斯购物中心,提供众多世界名牌产品,如MAC,Dior, Gap等。在每年一定时期,哈利法克斯会在海边举行多个大型音乐会,众多世界知名音乐家将齐聚一堂、倾情演出。此外,哈利法克斯的酒吧文化也不同寻常,顾客们可以互玩撞球,齐声高呼、尽情享乐。有时,食物和酒水甚至是免费的。

    最后,这里的食物十分可口。你能品尝到任何风味的美食,例如川菜、日本寿司、北美风味的汉堡及各式各样的甜品。另外,众所周知,哈利法克斯紧邻海岸,因此你能品尝到最鲜美的海鲜,甚至是当天才捕捉到的。特别 值得一提的是龙虾。上周,我们大学组织部分学生参加龙虾宴会,一位渔夫的女儿向同学们展示了如何以新斯科舍当地的风格品尝龙虾。另外,如果你更喜欢喝咖啡,可以在Tim Hortons买一杯品尝,这是哈利法克斯最有名的饮品,味道醇美,但价格却比其他咖啡要便宜,因此很多人都是每天必备一杯。










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